Friday, March 25, 2011

Find Out How YOU Can Get Rid of Belly Fat Once and For All

You are about to discover how to lose belly fat without spending hours doing sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, abdominal twists and all those other tedious ab exercises. You see, no matter how many abdominal exercises you do, your body will only burn fat if you're consuming less calories than you're burning. And even when you're accomplishing this, your body won't choose to get rid of fat from the areas you're exercising more.

There's something else which is causing your body to hold onto that belly fat, and getting it under control doesn't take hundreds of tiring ab exercises.

How to Lose Belly Fat: Three Simple Adjustments

Your body is storing fat around the abdominal area because of two things: excessive calorie intake and an imbalance in your cortisol hormone. The later of these is the most important factor, and a simple change in your diet and lifestyle can bring your cortisol back into balance and make it easier for your body to shed belly fat fast. Let's look at a few things which cause your cortisol hormone to be out of balance.

The first is stress, since the cortisol hormone is actually released from the adrenal gland. When you're stressed out, your body releases adrenaline and other hormones such as cortisol. These hormone levels have to be brought back into balance by releasing stress and anxiety from the body. A great way to do this is with strength training, which also boosts your testosterone and thus increases your energy level and your metabolism.

Not to mention that each pound of lean muscle that you have burns 40 calories a day. Even if you're not interested in "bulking up," strength training can have a miraculous affect on your hormones and on your metabolism, enabling your body to burn calories much faster. Of course, it's also important that you look at the other contributing factors which can also help you discover how to lose belly fat...

A Natural Diet is Better Than a Starvation Diet

Many people have been made to believe that the secret to how to burn belly fat is to starve yourself and do a lot of sit ups. However, consuming processed foods which are high in refined sugars, preservatives and saturated fats actually has a negative effect on your hormones. In fact, this negative impact is so significant that starving yourself on a diet of processed foods will actually make it harder for you to have a healthy hormone system and keep weight off.

So if you want to learn how to lose belly fat, you're better off with a natural diet of organic foods and a good strength training program than you are starving yourself and killing yourself with ab exercises.