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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Face Naturally By Elizabeth Simpson Platinum Quality Author

We have to admit that when it comes to natural treatments, we are a bit skeptical. We are often swayed by the potency of scientific mumbo jumbo that we fail to look on the benefits of the basics.

Now, more than ever, we need to use natural treatments. The most popular natural creams today do not contain additives and parabens that were actually proven detrimental to skin health. And because no additives and parabens are present, nothing can hamper or lessen the potency of natural ingredients.

There are also new ingredients pushed by the beauty market today due to their unending benefits. The following are just some of the:

Extrapone Nutgrass
It has been discovered that the roots of this particular plant contains components that can get rid of dark spots and any form of pigmentation in skin. Its potency is significantly better than other lightening ingredients out there, natural or chemical.

You will also find this the best of the lot because of its ability to improve the texture of the skin. What others have failed to do, this will do. It can smoothen and soften skin to make it much more pleasing to the touch.

In comparison to acid-based lightening ingredients, it is better. You do not become photo sensitive. You can still stay protected under the rays of the sun without the fear of burning your skin.

Phytessence Wakame
This sea kelp contains compounds that prevent the deterioration of hyaluronic acid. When hyaluronic acid is well-protected from hyaluronidase, our skin's youthful functions are prolonged. Hyaluronic acid is present in our body. 50% of our tissues are made up of hyaluronic acid but it deteriorates as we get older resulting to faster skin and body aging.

Manuka Honey
It also has the potent bleaching properties that can reduce skin pigmentations and blemished. This is also replete with natural vitamins and minerals that can improve the immune functions of our dermis keeping unwanted skin diseases at bay. This known to be the most expensive type of honey but its benefits are endless.

Nano Lipobelle HEQ10
With this antioxidant in your cream, no harmful free radicals are left roaming even at the deepest part of your skin. It is made up of much smaller molecules which is why it can penetrate up to the bottom layer of your skin.

If you have this cream in your beauty loot, you will effectively get rid of dark skin pigmentations and prevent more from coming back. Start searching for this type of cream now and start having a more beautiful skin. Looking more beautiful has never been this easy.

Signs and Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids - Do I Have Them? By Gail Atkinson Platinum Quality Author

If you have small fibroids, you may not ever be aware of them. However, if you have noticed a couple of unusual symptoms in and around your abdomen you may have that niggling feeling that something is not quite right and you may be wondering what the signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids are.

Firstly, although you may be able to get a good idea whether or not you have fibroids by checking your symptoms against the list below, you should always get a proper diagnosis from your doctor to confirm this as although fibroids are rarely dangerous, there is always the slight chance that it is not fibroids causing your problem, but something more serious.

1. Bleeding between periods and heavier periods

This can have various causes, including fibroids causing blockages which can cause a backup of blood flow which seems heavy when released. Sometimes fibroids can also cause congestion within the blood vessels of the uterus, which can cause erratic blood flow. Lastly, fibroid growth can cause an increase in the size and number of blood vessels in the uterus which results in a greater supply of blood generally.

2. Pain

Pain and discomfort are often the most worrying signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids. Around a third of women with fibroids will report this and it is varies from women to women depending on how many fibroids they have, their location and how large they are, along with their pain tolerance levels. Larger fibroids can put pressure on other internal organs which can cause problems or sometimes, if the blood supply becomes disrupted, this can cause the fibroid to die and the degeneration can cause painful symptoms.

3. Pressure

Many women report a feeling of pressure from their fibroids. This varies depending on how large the fibroids are. Many women will liken the feeling to being similar to a growing pregnancy.

4. Bloating and Fullness

As fibroids enlarge, this often becomes noticeable on the outside, as your abdomen might enlarge quite significantly. Although these signs and symptoms are not dangerous, they can often cause discomfort and a tightening waistband is often the trigger which makes many of us take action!

5. Painful Intercourse

Fibroids which are low down in the uterus can cause discomfort during intercourse

6. Urinary Problems

Fibroids which press down on the bladder can cause incomplete bladder emptying and and increase in urinary urgency. This can lead to incontinence.

7. Fertility Issues

There are several problems which can be linked with fibroids. Sometimes, the location can block the passage of sperm through the cervix or into the fallopian tubes. Implantation can sometimes be difficult, particularly if the fibroids are large or located under the womb lining, causing distortion. Fibroids can also be responsible for early miscarriages and pre-term labor.

8. Depression

For some women, some of the secondary signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids are depression and unhappiness which are often caused by the response to the other primary signs.

The good news is that these signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids can be completely eliminated by using natural treatments. If you are prepared to take charge of your own healing, a number of these issues can be solved within days, with actual shrinkage happening within weeks.

Written by a former fibroid sufferer, the system you are about to see is, quite simply, groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will feel relief that you have finally found something that will genuinely help you get rid of your fibroids

Natural Cures For Fibroids - Causes and Symptoms By Nick Mutt Platinum Quality Author

Fibroids are the masses which are slow growing fibrous tissue and compound of muscle. Some fibroids may cause problem and some fibroids never cause problems. Women suffer from the problem of fibroid. It develops in the muscle layer of the uterine wall. In fact all the fibroids are benign. Usually uterine fibroids or leiomyomas are known as tumor not because they are cancerous but because they are solid masses.

Some fibroids show the symptoms like heavy bleeding, frequent urination, heaviness in the pelvic, infertility, severe cramps and also heavy menstrual bleeding between the periods. The excessive bleeding due to fibroid may result into fatigue and anemia. But many fibroids do not cause any problem.

In many women fibroid may prevent pregnancy also. It blocks the pathway of the sperm. Fibroids also increase the chance of miscarriage during pregnancy and also increase heavy postpartum bleeding. Delivery is obstructed due to large fibroid.

Most frequently fibroids affect the women between the ages of 35 and 45. Sometimes women suffer from other fibroid after the one and even more than 100. Usually half of the women develop fibroids by age 40.

Cause of fibroids is still unknown and it is a mystery also but when there is a changes in the level of hormone estrogen the tumor respond simultaneously. This problem grow when the women take oral contraceptives, or during pregnancy or when the estrogen is plentiful. Women are more prone to develop fibroids due to some other factors also like alcohol, obesity, vitamin B deficiency, high fat diet and high levels of the hormone progesterone. Surgical removal of the uterus is the common treatment for fibroid.

Some of the natural remedies are -

1. Regularly take these supplements once daily for at least 3-4 months. Take 1000-2000 milligrams of vitamin, 400 micrograms selenium, 30 milligrams of zinc. It will help in shrinking the fibroids and thus reduce its affect.

2. Essential oil is also helpful in reducing the affect of this condition. Add several drops of lavender, juniper and rosemary to the sitz bath. It stimulates the circulation of pelvic.

3. Castor oil is also helpful in reducing the affect. The active constituents of the fibroid are absorbed by the skin. Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a castor oil pack. It encourages relaxation.

4. Application of poke root oil helps to reduce the tenderness in the lower abdominal due to fibroid. Apply this oil twice a day. It is herbal but don't take it internally as it is highly toxic.

Treatment Options For Fibroids By Gail Atkinson Platinum Quality Author

You may have been diagnosed and wondering what your treatment options are for fibroids. Very often, you will hear the term "watchful waiting" uttered by doctors, which basically means doing nothing. This is because fibroids naturally shrink during the menopause. However, for many women, there comes a time when their fibroids are causing severe problems which are affecting their quality of life and quite rightly, they deserve some relief!

"Watchful waiting" is all very well if your symptoms are very mild or if you are close to the menopause. If neither of these apply though, you simply cannot be expected to live a life which is marred by fibroid symptoms.

Treatment options for fibroids can broadly be broken down into two categories-Conventional and Natural.

There is a school of thought which feels that conventional treatments focus much more on treating the symptoms of many conditions rather than getting to the root cause and eliminating them altogether. As far as fibroids are concerned, this certainly seems to apply, with an emphasis on treating all bodily organs individually. On the other hand, natural treatments tend to focus on the body as a total unified "whole", and recognises that the body must be restored into a state of balance for healing to take place.

Conventional Treatment

This can include surgery and/or drug treatment. Drug treatment can often take the form of birth control pills or anti-androgen pills. Metformin is sometimes prescribed, which improves the performance of insulin. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also sometimes prescribed to help with cramping pains. There is also a group of drugs called GnRH (Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormones). These will help to shrink fibroids dramatically, but are only suitable for short term use, due to their side effects and are normally only used prior to surgery. Another of the treatment options for fibroids is the IUD, or Coil. This will help to reduce heavy bleeding.

Of course, most drugs have some side effects, and this is very true of those which can be prescribed for fibroids.

Surgery is another of the treatment options for fibroids available.

A Myectomy will remove individual fibroids or groups of fibroids. Depending on the size and location of your fibroids, this will be done either through an abdominal incision or vaginally. Another method is to block the blood supply to the fibroids by injecting the vessels with plastic "beads", the theory being that the fibroids will shrivel and dry up. A procedure called "Endometrial Ablation" can also be used whereby heat is introduced into the womb. This effectively removes the womb lining and is unsuitable for women who may wish to have children.

Finally, in extreme cases, a hysterectomy may be recommended. This is major surgery and the loss of the womb can have both deep physical and mental side effects. It should therefore be avoided if at all possible.

The main drawback with conventional treatment options for fibroids that it focuses on treating the symptoms of fibroids and not the root causes. This means that although you might feel relief in the short term, the root causes are still there, meaning that your fibroids will regrow even after surgical removal.

Natural Treatment

This focuses on the fact that disease and illness cannot exists in a healthy, balanced body and so the emphasis is on looking at holistic methods. By building a strong immune system, cleansing the body of all unwanted toxins and pollutants, taking proper exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet, the internal balance can be quickly restored and certain diseases reversed, providing no permanent damage has been done. One of the most crucial things to remember though is that for natural treatment to work effectively, you must be prepared to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes.

Natural Penis Enlargement - Why it is Essential to Improve Penis Size and Prolong Erection By Roy Robertson Platinum Quality Author

Regardless of height and race, a non-erect penis normally measures between three to four inches (3"-4") from tip to base; while an excited and erect penis measures between six to seven inches (5"-6") on the average. The penis doubles its size when it starts erection. The dilemma comes up when the penis cannot double its size during intercourse leading to a weak erection and a weak ejaculation.

To fix this, men focus on improving penis size to prolong erection. By the turn of the century, male penis enlargement has been a raving demand in the health market. Male enlargement may be achieved through different penis enlargement exercises, pills and traction devices. Since there are many methods offered in the market, choosing one that will not cause you problems later on and one that will not lead you to bankruptcy is essential.

Penis enlargement exercises may be aided by pills and traction devices, but should be done under the guidance of a male penis enlargement program to avoid overdose and bad side effects.

While exercise is another natural penis enlargement that has been receiving good feedback and has been considered to be the best enlargement. This enlargement will not cost you anything and totally safe compared to other male enlargement like pills.

Natural penis enlargement exercises are proven to be safe and does not need any doctor's prescription before undergoing them. It is mainly consists of three (3) exercise methods: jelqing, dry milking, and PC flex.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a milking motion from the base of the penis with the hand in an "OK" gesture moving and squeezing towards the glands (head), forcing the blood towards the end of the penis. A lubricant is used while jelqing. It is important to remember not to jelq an erect penis. Jelqing requires a daily commitment of ten to thirty (10-30) minutes with a penis warm-up, to increase blood flow to the penis.

What is Dry Milking?

Dry Milking is a clean variation of jelqing since it does not require the penis to be lubricated. The milking motion is done the same as in jelqing, but without sliding fingers over the skin. Most often, dry milking is preferred to be done in the morning when testosterone levels are the highest.

What is PC Flex?

PC Flex is a short term for Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercises, and may also be known as the Kegels exercise. In the penis, ejaculation is controlled by the Pubocoocygeus (PC) muscle, which is also a muscle that stops urination when squeezed. In order to improve control over ejaculation during intercourse, the PC muscle must be trained to restrain immediate release while having an erection.

The good effect of using natural penis enlargement methods let men gain inches naturally. By means of exercise, the penis may increase performance in bed so as to have a better erection and ejaculation.

If you want to know more on how to make your penis larger without using anything and make your partner fully satisfied just click here and I will you show you how it can be achieved naturally.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Using Pills By Peter Davidoff

If you want to make your penis bigger, there is nothing wrong. In today's world, people are accustomed to changing the parts of their body they don't like (think plastic surgery). Your penis isn't that different from other parts of your body and your desire to increase the size of your penis is absolutely normal. However, since penis enlargement is still a partial taboo in the western society, you may lack necessary information to make right choices. I hope that this little article will help you to understand the basics of penis enlargement methods and techniques.

The most heavily promoted option involves use of so called penis enlargement (or male enhancement) pills. If you remember some TV commercials (smiling Bob...), you even may know some of the most advertised products. To find out whether penis enlargement pills work or not, let's look at some examples (I won't mention specific names because of trademarking issues) and see what these pills are made of.

A significant majority of male enhancement pills constitute a mix of herbal ingredients. Most of those have exotic names such as Korean red ginseng root or muira puama extract. But let not these exotic names fool you -- these are still simple herbs, which cannot have a permanent effect on your penis size. They may sometimes provide a temporary boost to your erections, but this is not guaranteed and is in no way permanent. There are penis enlargement pills in the market, which contain heavy synthetic ingredients, but those pills are even worse than herbal ones because of the serious side-effects they have. Overall, I don't recommend using penis enlargement pills. You may try the herbal ones (since they are safe) but don't expect permanent results.

The only methods of penis enlargement endorsed by doctors and confirmed by clinical studies are penis exercises. These exercises may be performed manually or may require use of special devices (such as penis extenders). Penis enlargement exercises are absolutely safe and guaranteed to increase your penis size within three to six months.

How to Enlarge Your Penis Using Penis Extender By Peter Davidoff

What is a penis extender?

It is a lightweight medical device, which is worn on your penis while in flaccid state. It contains adjustment screws, which allow you to gradually increase its length thus increasing the stretching effect it has on your penis. To achieve meaningful results, it should be worn for about 5-8 hours a day turning the adjustment screws according to the penis enlargement program schedule.

How it works?

Although penis extender is a relatively new invention, the principle behind this device has been known to human for thousands of years. This principle says that human body is designed to adapt to the environment. For example, in order to build big and strong muscles, people commonly lift weights. Lungs of professional athletes are much more powerful than yours or mine. Naturally, penis responds to traction the same way any other part of the human body does. The traction device gradually stretches and lengthens the penis, which causes its cells to grow effectively making it larger.

Is it better than other penis enlargement options?

Penis extenders provide a combination of safety and effectiveness that no other method can match. Penis surgery is effective but very dangerous (and expensive too!) Weights and pumps can provide some results, but they are also dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the tissues of your penis. Penis enlargement pills are safe but, alas, no pill can increase your, although they can be taken as a supplement to your regular penis exercise routine.
In contrast, penis extenders underwent extensive medical testing and were clinically proven to be safe and effective.

What gains can you expect?

As I already said, in order to achieve gains in your girth and length, you must wear the extender for 5-8 hours a day. If you adhere to this exercise routine (this may be difficult if the device you use is not comfortable, so make sure you purchase a model with a comfort strap.) the typical gain in length is 1-1.5 inches in the first three months. If you continue to perform stretching exercises for three more months, you can expect to gain 0.5-1 more inches. The total exercising period is usually three or six months total depending on how quickly you achieve your size goal. After that, you don't have to continue wearing the extender to maintain your new size -- the gains are permanent.

How to Increase Penis Size with Penis Exercises By Peter Davidoff

Ancient records tell us that exercises were used as a means of penis enlargement thousands of years ago. However, only recently serious medical studies and clinical trials proved that penis exercises can indeed increase penis length and girth. Moreover, the same studies found out that the increase in penis size is not the only benefit of penis exercises.

Some of the benefits of these exercises (also called male enhancement exercises) are increasing your ability to maintain harder and longer erections (making you able to last longer in bed), increasing the amount of semen you produce when ejaculate, improving your overall sexual control and performance, and, of course, making your penis larger. All of these effects can greatly improve your life: just imagine how confident you would be if you knew that your penis is longer than average and your can last enough time in bed to make your partner happy. This is possible to achieve if you follow to the penis exercise program.

How penis exercises work? The specific mechanism depends on the exercise in question but basically what makes exercises effective is the ability of our organisms to adapt to environment. For example, when a bodybuilder lifts weights, his or her body tries to adapt to the weights growing stronger muscles.

The following is an explanation how different penis exercises work:

* Jelqing. Jelqing is probably the most ancient male enhancement technique (it was used by nomadic Arabian tribes.) It involves movements similar to "milking" your penis to increase the amount of blood, which fills Corpora Covernosa (the part of your penis that is filled with blood and enlarged during erections) thus making your penis visibly larger. The important fact is that jelqing, if performed regularly, can permanently increase the size of Corpora Covernosa and thus your penis size (both length and girth).
* Penis Stretching. There are several types of penis stretching exercises but their basic principle is the same: stretching the tissues of your penis. Stretching makes cells composing your penis grow increasing the length and girth (lesser effect) of your penis.
* Kegel Exercises. These exercises are not targeted at the penis itself but rather at the pubococcygeus muscle, which is used to delay erections. Thus, if you train this muscle, you will be able to prolong your erections.

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Are Chronic Diseases Man Made Or Natural? The Top 10 Causes of Death BY FRANK WILSON

Up to the late 1800s the leading causes of death were infectious diseases, tuberculosis, pneumonia and syphilis.

During the last century and up to the present day, cancer, heart disease and other chronic ailments have become the leading causes of death. Now we all know that sanitation and personal hygiene have improved dramatically even over the last fifty years,and everyday access to fresh produce can explain the decline in deaths from infectious disease.

But what is the reason for the explosive growth of chronic diseases that are killing millions of Americans and Europeans every year? Look at the statistics.

The Top Ten Causes of Death In The United States of America.

1. Heart Disease 652,486
2. Cancer 553,888
3. Stroke 150,074
4. Respiratory Disorders 121,987
5. All Accidents 112,012
6. Diabetes 73,138
7. Alzheimer's 69,965
8. Influenza & Pneumonia 59,664
9. Kidney Failure 42,480
10. Blood Poisoning 33,373

Source: U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (2007)

Now just by pure coincidence the revenues of large multinational corporations who produce a large chunk of the worlds pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agrochemicals have risen expotentialy.

Cardinal Health (healthcare) $47.9 Billion
Merck (pharmaceuticals) $47.7 Billion
Pfizer (pharmaceuticals) $32.3 Billion
Glaxo Smith Kline (pharmaceuticals) $29.5 Billion
Bayer (pharmaceuticals) $27.1 Billion
United Health Group (healthcare) $23.4 Billion
Bristol-Myers Squibb (pharmaceuticals) $21.7 Billion
Pharmacia (pharmaceuticals) $19.3 Billion
Novartis (pharmaceuticals) $18.9 Billion
Amerisource Bergen (healthcare) $15.8 Billion
WellPoint Health Networks (healthcare) $12.4 Billion

Source: Forbes 500, 2002 Revenue.

This rise in chronic diseases has also coincided with the rise of intensive animal and agricultural farming. Animals are routinely dosed with growth hormones and antibiotics.

Chemical weedkillers, many of which have been banned in recent years, notably DDT, were approved by governments all over the world. And yet these were widely used for many years.

Perhaps some or all these safe and government approved chemicals are the cause of some of the chronic diseases that are plaguing our modern times. Many of these chemicals which are ingested through what we eat can stay in the body for years.

Obesity is a by product of all these chemicals and intensive farming which in itself will lead to heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure. With chronic diseases causing so many deaths there must be ways we can reverse these awful statistics.

Some of my family have suffered obesity and chronic illness associated with it. I have lost family to several different types of cancer and this is why I am passionate about helping to show the problems of obesity.