Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Using Pills By Peter Davidoff

If you want to make your penis bigger, there is nothing wrong. In today's world, people are accustomed to changing the parts of their body they don't like (think plastic surgery). Your penis isn't that different from other parts of your body and your desire to increase the size of your penis is absolutely normal. However, since penis enlargement is still a partial taboo in the western society, you may lack necessary information to make right choices. I hope that this little article will help you to understand the basics of penis enlargement methods and techniques.

The most heavily promoted option involves use of so called penis enlargement (or male enhancement) pills. If you remember some TV commercials (smiling Bob...), you even may know some of the most advertised products. To find out whether penis enlargement pills work or not, let's look at some examples (I won't mention specific names because of trademarking issues) and see what these pills are made of.

A significant majority of male enhancement pills constitute a mix of herbal ingredients. Most of those have exotic names such as Korean red ginseng root or muira puama extract. But let not these exotic names fool you -- these are still simple herbs, which cannot have a permanent effect on your penis size. They may sometimes provide a temporary boost to your erections, but this is not guaranteed and is in no way permanent. There are penis enlargement pills in the market, which contain heavy synthetic ingredients, but those pills are even worse than herbal ones because of the serious side-effects they have. Overall, I don't recommend using penis enlargement pills. You may try the herbal ones (since they are safe) but don't expect permanent results.

The only methods of penis enlargement endorsed by doctors and confirmed by clinical studies are penis exercises. These exercises may be performed manually or may require use of special devices (such as penis extenders). Penis enlargement exercises are absolutely safe and guaranteed to increase your penis size within three to six months.

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