Friday, May 21, 2010

Natural Penis Enlargement - Why it is Essential to Improve Penis Size and Prolong Erection By Roy Robertson Platinum Quality Author

Regardless of height and race, a non-erect penis normally measures between three to four inches (3"-4") from tip to base; while an excited and erect penis measures between six to seven inches (5"-6") on the average. The penis doubles its size when it starts erection. The dilemma comes up when the penis cannot double its size during intercourse leading to a weak erection and a weak ejaculation.

To fix this, men focus on improving penis size to prolong erection. By the turn of the century, male penis enlargement has been a raving demand in the health market. Male enlargement may be achieved through different penis enlargement exercises, pills and traction devices. Since there are many methods offered in the market, choosing one that will not cause you problems later on and one that will not lead you to bankruptcy is essential.

Penis enlargement exercises may be aided by pills and traction devices, but should be done under the guidance of a male penis enlargement program to avoid overdose and bad side effects.

While exercise is another natural penis enlargement that has been receiving good feedback and has been considered to be the best enlargement. This enlargement will not cost you anything and totally safe compared to other male enlargement like pills.

Natural penis enlargement exercises are proven to be safe and does not need any doctor's prescription before undergoing them. It is mainly consists of three (3) exercise methods: jelqing, dry milking, and PC flex.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a milking motion from the base of the penis with the hand in an "OK" gesture moving and squeezing towards the glands (head), forcing the blood towards the end of the penis. A lubricant is used while jelqing. It is important to remember not to jelq an erect penis. Jelqing requires a daily commitment of ten to thirty (10-30) minutes with a penis warm-up, to increase blood flow to the penis.

What is Dry Milking?

Dry Milking is a clean variation of jelqing since it does not require the penis to be lubricated. The milking motion is done the same as in jelqing, but without sliding fingers over the skin. Most often, dry milking is preferred to be done in the morning when testosterone levels are the highest.

What is PC Flex?

PC Flex is a short term for Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercises, and may also be known as the Kegels exercise. In the penis, ejaculation is controlled by the Pubocoocygeus (PC) muscle, which is also a muscle that stops urination when squeezed. In order to improve control over ejaculation during intercourse, the PC muscle must be trained to restrain immediate release while having an erection.

The good effect of using natural penis enlargement methods let men gain inches naturally. By means of exercise, the penis may increase performance in bed so as to have a better erection and ejaculation.

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