Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Get Flat Abs: In 3 Simple Steps By Andy Rammell

How do people get flat abs? It's a question that is asked almost every day. Even though many might not think so, it is possible for anyone to get flat abs. The human muscular frame is naturally endowed with abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, with persistent weight gain, these abs become covered by a layer of fat. People with paunches and pot belly actually still possess a perfectly healthy set of abs. The only problem is that these abs have been hidden. For people who therefore wish to get flat abs, some effort will need to be made towards burning of the surplus belly fat.

Stopping your current weight increase is the first step towards getting flat abs. Unless you put a halt to your current rise in weight, your efforts to get flat abs are bound to be unsuccessful. You will therefore need to adopt a healthier eating pattern. Instead of depending on processed meals and drinks, your diet should comprise of healthier food options as well as fruits and vegetables. Unlike junk meals, these are great sources of most of the nutrients that your body needs. Meals that you will need to avoid include:

• Processed Meals: Processed foods such as those containing white flour, sugar or rice are chock full of calories. These meals are unhealthy options to include in any diet. A more preferable diet is one which contains foods that have been made out of whole grain. These type of meals are rich in nutrients and possess a healthier source of important fiber. They also last longer in your system preventing you from experiencing false hunger pangs.

• Drink water more frequently: There are far too many calories found in most soda and beverage drinks. They also are ineffective at quenching a person's thirst and instead simply increase it. Water remains the only dependable answer to periods of thirst. A glass of water is also an effective way of stopping false hunger pangs. Many times, people mistake their feelings of thirst for hunger. Water can also be used as a great buttress before a meal. Drinking it will allow you to eat less

• Chew slowly: During the course of a meal, it takes about 10 minutes before the brain signals that it has had enough. As a result of this many people tend to eat far more than they need before it is too late. An easy way of preventing this from occurring is to chew your food at a much slower pace. By eating slowly, you will be able to give your body enough time to decide if it needs more food or not. You will therefore be less likely to overeat.

The inclusion of these methods will ensure that you avoid eating more calories than your body requires. And once you have achieved this, your journey to get flat abs will really have begun.

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