Tuesday, October 27, 2009

6 Amazing Foods That Burn Belly Fat - Who Knew Peanut Butter Was a Fat Buster?

So you want to lose that belly fat and you want to know what the magic food is that will do it fast right. Well there is no single food or group of foods that is going to make you lose fat. There is a difference between just losing weight and losing fat, particularly belly fat. You can lose through a diet simply by reducing calories. However, after you've lost the weight you are still going to have fat flabby skin hanging off you.

Fat is burned by muscle. The more muscles you exercise the more fat that is burned. Its really that simple. So does that mean you have to become a fitness fanatic and spend hours exercising? No. But you will have to do some exercise to get the muscles burning the fat.

If you're going to exercise, wouldn't it be great if you got the best benefit in terms of burning the flab? Well you can help out those workouts by eating foods that will burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

Here's a basic rule about the body processing food. It takes more effort (calories) to process proteins than it does to process carbohydrates and fats. That's not saying you should be on a strictly protein diet because that's not healthy. But if you can get the right combination of protein, fiber and nutrients you can really help your metabolism do its thing.

So what are these foods. Well there are a ton out there but here are seven that I think will shock you.

Eggs, Egg Yolks

Who knew the egg commercials were right? Eggs, specifically egg yolks are ounce for ounce the best source of nutrients available. They pack a ton of vitamin B-12 which the body needs to metabolize fats. In a study done at the University of Louisiana, researchers found that people who ate eggs every morning as opposed to people who ate bagels, lost more weight. Eggs come with cholesterol so you want to check with your doctor before you try this.

Iced Green Tea

The real brewed stuff, not the processed bottled drinks, are super high in antioxidants and antioxidants speed up metabolism (also great for repairing damage done by high blood pressure). Tea drinkers who consume four cups a day have been proven to burn 266 more calories than those who don't drink tea.

Fresh Green Leafy Vegetables

Great source of fiber and antioxidants with very few calories. Plants like spinach, broccoli, arugula, and romaine will fill you up and give you the nutrition you need. What's really surprising though, is iceberg lettuce, the most commonly used lettuce in commercial salads, has almost no fiber at all. Don't confuse iceberg with the other great leafy plants.

Natural Peanut Butter

Who knew? Natural peanut butter, not to be confused with the Jiffs and Skippys of the world is packed with niacin which keeps the digestive track in order and prevents stomach bloat. Two tablespoons of this little treat every day will actually help you lose fat.

Parmigiano Cheese

Now this little fact comes from the University of Wisconsin so it might be a bit suspect. However, a study done there shows that Parmigiano cheese is low in calories and has the highest protein value of any other food in the dairy group. In addition it is rich in calcium which ignites fat burning hormones.


Unsalted nuts like Almonds and cashews provide a good fatty acid as well as a lot of fiber that makes us feel full longer. Here's a little tip. Take a handful of nuts 30 minutes before each meal. You'll find you are not nearly as hungry and will eat less.

So there you have it. Six foods that will help you lose belly fat and get you to that new slim look you know you have inside you.

Oh, there is another way to burn belly fat quickly and its called exercise but that's another article

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