Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Why You Aren't Losing Weight

Just a week or so ago I put together a brief but informative post on the top 5 reasons you aren't getting any bigger. This post was geared toward skinny hardgainers who have hit a plateau and are unable to gain any more mass. I could not believe the positive feedback I received from my readers for the post. As a result, I decided to create the same type of post, this time geared toward people interested in losing more weight. I have come up with what I believe to be the top 5 reasons why you are not losing weight. Whether you have lost some weight and are unable to lose more or just interested in doing so, this list can be your guide to achieving your goal successfully.

Mistaking low fat foods for healthy foods

The first thing people do when trying to lose weight is decide that they will go on a diet. The average person would tell you that changing to low fat products is part of a weight loss diet. This could not be more wrong; in fact, most low fat products are actually more fattening. How can low fat be more fattening? It's actually very simple; the main problem with weight gain is not how much fat we consume, but how many simple carbohydrates and sugars we consume. These simple carbohydrates are taken in by the body and stored as fat quit fast. So what do I have against the low fat foods? Well, I appreciate the fact that it's less grams of fat, but I don't appreciate the fact that they have to compensate with more simple carbohydrates and sugars. So now you are eating less grams of fat in your diet, but you could easily be doubling your non complex carbohydrate intake.

Cheating on your diet

This is the most basic but probably the most common mistake people make when trying to lose weight. Have you ever heard someone say "ill just have to run a little extra today" after deciding to cheat on there diet? More then likely you have heard it more then a few times. Let me give you a simple but good example of how bad this is. Let us say your session is usually walking uphill on the treadmill for 45 minutes and you burn about 300 calories (just an example). You consume this "cheat food" and add 250 calories to your day and add 30 minutes to your session. You walk a total of 75 minutes and burn 550 calories total. 250 out of the 550 calories burned are automatically going towards the "cheat food" you decided to take in earlier in the day. Not only have you spent more time in the gym, but you have burned only what you normally burn being there 30 minutes less. You end up spending more time in the gym and getting the same or less results. Would you not rather skip the "cheat food" and run the extra 30 minutes to knockout 550 calories toward your goal? Not only that, but lets be honest, most people don't run that extra 30 minutes on the day they cheated. If they do run extra, it is probably a 10-15 minute difference from there normal day.

Relying too much on fat burn supplements

This is the one I have the biggest problem with. People take these fat burn pills and automatically assume that they are going to shrink there waist line with little to no effort. Here is the deal; the fat burn pills on the market require a specific diet and workout routine. Do fat burn pills work? Yes, I would say there are a few products that show great results. Problem is people assume that because they are on the supplement that they can eat worse and workout less. This is completely bogus; these pills only provide the ability to burn fat at a faster rate when your body is in the "fat burn zone". Taking these fat burn supplements can become a huge problem for people that are oblivious to these facts. These are the people who will actually gain weight or see little to no results while taking these pills.

Are these pills necessary to lose weight? Absolutely not, anyone can lose the weight they want to lose without ever taking any type of fat burn supplement.

Eating too little

What? This is impossible, how can you gain weight from eating less? I know, it almost does not make any sense. Well, it wouldn't make sense if you didn't understand how the body functions. It is a lot less complicated then you may think. Gaining weight from eating less is a very common issue. Here is how it happens, if you eat less, your metabolism is working less. As a result, your metabolism ends up slowing down dramatically, to the point where the foods you are consuming are stored as fat before your body can fully metabolize them.

You have hit a weight loss plateau

This is very important to those who have been losing weight and have suddenly stopped or reduced results instantly. This is more then likely the cause of the inevitable plateau usually due to little or no change in your routine/diet. This period is going to happen at one point of another; the cause is simply your body completely adjusting to your workout and diet routine to the point where it does not feel like any changes are necessary. With the being said, the resolution is quite self explanatory. Change your program, the most common program for weight loss is heavy cardio. Do not get me wrong, heavy cardio at the required rate for fat burn is very effective. Unfortunately, your weight loss progress will eventually slow down or stop dead in its tracks. What do I do now? Add resistance training, circuit training, or body weight cardio. All these types of routines can shock the body into making changes once again. Not only will you start burning fat again, but as you build more and more muscle from these routines, your body will start to burn fat naturally.

Start burning that unwanted fat now

There you have it people, whether you are just starting new goals to lose weight or have suddenly stopped seeing results, this can be the ultimate guide to getting on track again. Watch what you're eating, don't rely on supplements, stop under eating, stop cheating, and break your plateau. This is as easy as I can put it, remember, losing weight is only as difficult as you make it

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